At Least No Ark Needed

At Least No Ark Needed

Rain continues to hit the roof and the sound is a nice distraction from work. Over the last few days I have heard this comment more than once, “enough with the rain already.” It’s true we have had and are predicted to have a lot of rain. However, I keep thinking that when August roles around in a few months we will be wishing for a little rain.

As with cold weather, running in the rain isn’t bad once you get past the first mile. Your body temperature rises and it offsets the coolness of the rain. Just rain should never stop anyone from logging a few miles.

I guess we will see if that holds true when the alarm clock goes off on Thursday morning. I am sure a few brave souls will show up if it is raining.

The route for this week’s Breakfast Club run is below along with a link the Garmin Connect course. But before you see that route you need to see what the runners at the 2018 Venice Italy Marathon had to endure during the last few kilometers of the race.

Yes, that was ankle deep water and yes, a little water didn’t stop them from finishing the race.

Hopefully we will not have to navigate standing water to log our 5 this Thursday.

Here is the route

WOW 1 More 5

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 3.43.17 PM.png

L - Carl T Jones

L - Lendon Main

L - Ahearn

R - Lendon Park

R - 4 Mile Post

L - Hickory Hill

L - Sherwood

R - Atwood

L - Harrisburg

R - Statton

L - Jacqueline

L - Mira Vista

L - Ramada

L - Tascosa

R - Coronado

R - Statton

L - Olivia

L - Atwood

R - Sherwood

R - greenway

R - 4 Mile Post

L - into parking to Hobby Lobby

Up or Down

Up or Down

What to Wear?

What to Wear?