Why do you set your alarm for 4:45 AM?

Why don’t you just run in your neighborhood?

What difference does it make where you log your miles?


That gives me just enough time to wake up, get dressed and drive to Fleet Feet to meet my running friends.

There are days I do run in my neighborhood, by myself, however running with friends is more enjoyable.

If it were just to log miles it wouldn’t matter, however, the group I run with has become my tribe.


Seth Godin in his book Tribes states a group of people become a tribe a because of a shared interest.

The shared interest among runners is running, therefore we are a tribe. But I propose we are more than a tribe we are friends and life is much better with friends.

The most consistent tribe I run with is the Breakfast Club and I know we are more than a gathering of people with a shared interest, or even a tribe…we are friends.

The Breakfast Club is not a closed group. We do welcome anyone to show up and log some miles with us. What might start out as spending time with people who have a shared interest may just evolve into friendships. Stay connected with the Breakfast Club Run on our Facebook Page.

The Breakfast Club Run starts every Thursday morning, 5:30 AM, in front of Fleet Feet Huntsville. The route changes every week and is planned for 5 miles. However, it can easily be shortened if needed.

Below is the turn-by-turn directions, (printed copies will be available at the start). The title for the route is a link to a Garmin Connect route.

Come join us we would love to make new friends.

The Big Dipper

The Big Dipper

The Big Dipper

  • R - toward Hobby Lobby

    L - toward Red Robin

    L - toward Dicks

    R - to Carl T Jones

    L - Carl T Jones

    R - Garth

    R - Toney

    L - Dobbs

    R - Forbes

    R - Dobbs

    L - Drake

    L - Dunsmore

    R - Toney

    L - Garth

    L - Carl T Jones

    R - into parking lot

Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye