My favorite place to run.

My favorite place to run.

One of the great things about being a runner...the ability to log miles just about anywhere.

No matter where you are you just need some proper clothes and your dedicated running shoes. Just open the door and take the first step.

This year I have logged miles in Bonita Springs, Florida, Carmel and Indianapolis, Indiana, San Francisco, California, Cleveland, Tennessee, Goldsboro, North Carolina, Greenville, South Carolina and of course here in Huntsville, Alabama.

And of all the places that I have logged miles my favorite place to run has nothing to do with a location.

My favorite place to run is anywhere I log miles with friends. That's what happens at the Breakfast Club Run.

We meet every Thursday morning, 5:30 am at Fleet Feet Huntsville. Well, we meet a little earlier because the first steps of our run begin at 5:30 am.

If you have never been to a Breakfast Club Run and we are not friends, show up just one time and we will be.  

Come join us.

This route is Almost 5

  • L - to Dick's 
  • R - around parking to Pets Mart
  • R - behind Pets Mart
  • cross 4 Mile post to Ferncliffe
  • L - Heatherwood
  • R - Bailey Cove
  • R - Riviera
  • R - Ramada
  • L - Tascosa
  • R - Coronado
  • L - Statton
  • R - Jacqueline
  • R - Atwood
  • L - Sherwood
  • R - Hickory Hills
  • L - Suhill
  • R - Cadillac
  • R - 4 Mile Post
  • L - Lendon Park Dr.
  • L - Ahearn
  • R - Dewitt
  • L - Lendon Main
  • R - Carl T Jones
  • R - into parking lot
The weather is going to change.

The weather is going to change.

We've Never Done It This Way

We've Never Done It This Way