Up or Down

Up or Down

How often do we repeat?

No one probably asks that question but I do. Looking through the numerous 5-mile routes we use at the Breakfast Club I try to remember, when did we last run that course. I know I could create a system to track each time we use a particular course. I also know I could take the time to look back through my Gamin Connect or Strava history to uncover the answer. But, hey, it just a run.

Confession, before posting the weekly route I do look back over the last two or three weeks. The reason, to make sure I am not choosing a route we have just run and also to determine if the course should be flat or have a few hills. Should we run up and down or just flat.

Last week, 2-21-2019, the route had very little elevation change. This week there is some, but not much.

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 1.56.54 PM.png

Blevins Gap v.2

R - to Petsmart

R - behind Petsmart

continue across 4Mile Post to Ferncliffe

L - Heatherwood

R - Baily Cove

L - Blevins Gap

R - Double Tree

R - Willowbrook

R - Lily Flagg

R - Hickory Hill

R - Sherwood

L - greenway

R - 4 Mile Post

L - parking lot to Hobby Lobby

L - to Fleet Feet

S Marks the Miles

S Marks the Miles

At Least No Ark Needed

At Least No Ark Needed