What to Wear?

What to Wear?

The weather as usual is unpredictable.

In the last few days we have experienced spring-like weather and it is only January.

Looking at the forecast for tomorrow’s scheduled run show a winter return. The predicted temperature at is 25 and a windchill factor down to 17.

What to wear?

if I were to choose to my running clothes by how I felt when the fresh air hits me as my garage door goes up I would be in long thermal running pants, multiple long sleeve shirts, a jacket, mittens and hat to cover my head and ears.

I would be comfortable on the walk from the car to the run and even on mile 1 but going forward I would suffer.


Too many clothes.

Therefore I never dress as for the outside temperature but for 20 degrees warmer.

I know it’s going to be cold at the start but if I can endure five minutes of cold I know I will be okay the rest of the run.

This article, 10 Tips to Make Winter Running Less Miserable, gives some good insight on how .to running in cold weather. (Let’s be honest it really never gets unbearably cold in North Alabama.)

I found this interesting tool on the Runner’s World site: What To Wear On A Run. I used the tool and it did a good job showing what to wear.

A little cold air is no excuse to skip a run and in my opinion an outdoor run in winter temperature is always better than one on a treadmill.

I am already thinking about tomorrow’s temperature for the early morning run and what to wear.

NOTE: when I was searching for pictures to use on this post I had trouble finding a picture of someone running in snow. What do they think, runners are only fair weather creatures?

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