Who Am I?

  • Thankful that I am not tied down to a desk every day.
  • Driven…self-driven, trying to get as much out of each day as possible. I often leave the office disturbed that I have not accomplished much. But then there are days I give myself permission not to do anything.
  • Forgiven, follower of Christ who often makes mistakes.
  • Husband of Melissa for the last 34 years…she still puts up with me.
  • Father of two blessings from God who humble me by their soft hearts and love for God.
  • An organized musician.
  • Reader who feels there are way too many books for the amount of time there is to read.
  • Addicted to exercise, peanut butter and chocolate chips.
  • Viewer of the big picture and direction about accomplishing the goal.
  • Passionate about my job.
  • Enjoying the new opportunity to serve as a leadership and running coach.

What values guide me?

  • My relationship with God is number 1
  • Committed to my relationship with my wife
  • God has placed us together…I love her…we are better together than separate.
  • Committed to the responsibility of raising my children
  • Recognize that God has a plan for my life
  • Loving and honoring my parents
  • Respect and honor my physical body
  • Have a hobby
  • Be a life-long learner

What experiences have prepared me for where I am today?

  • It’s cumulative
  • Good leaders and bad ones
  • What I’ve read
  • What I am reading
  • Where I have worked
  • Where I am working
  • Friends and coaches
  • Dreams God has and is giving me

What’s Next?

  • God has a plan
  • I am always searching for that plan
  • I am dreaming about tomorrow
  • I don’t want to live off my memories
  • I want to grow from my memories
  • Yesterday’s conversation with God is not good enough
  • Yesterday’s exercise is not good enough
  • Jeremiah 29:11

Today I am in the process of making the next list, making "what's next" part of "now."