Worship for the Un-believer

Preaching is theology coming through a man who is on fire. Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

I know it happens every week, however, I was acutely aware that this past weekend there was an unchurched, un-believer in our worship services.

I began to wonder...'what do they think of what is going on?' 'do they understand?'

In recent decades there have been philosophical changes in how churches deal with the reality of the 'unchurched' and 'un-believer' in their worship services. Those changes have been well-documented and argued over for years. I have been a part of those discussions and have worked in churches that have swung to each side of the pendulum.

Here is what I have become convinced about... the 'unchurched' 'unbeliever' sees Christ when the 'Christ-followers' worship with passion.

I am also convinced about these:

  • the message of the Gospel should never be compromised for a contemporary presentation
  • the presentation should reflect the culture of the community and be theologically sound
  • there is room for a multitude of styles of worship, but not for a compromised Gospel

When 'unchurched' 'unbelievers' visit our services

  • let the manifest presence of God be evident
  • may the Gospel be clear
  • let all we do be Christ-centered
  • the worship of believers be passionate
  • the conviction of the Holy Spirit be strong

So do you plan services with the 'unbeliever' in mind? Is it necessary?


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