Speed Vision

speed cyclist
speed cyclist

I move through life fast...and I miss much that I should observe I have passed a house and ahorse many, many times...probably close to 200. However, it wasn't until I changed the speed through my route that I even noticed they were there.

For the last ten years the house and horse are on a route that I have ridden a bike on. The path where these lie are on a little bit of downhill slope therefore I am on the top range of my speed.

In the past year I have merged my cardio exercise routine from riding a bike to running. As my running miles have increased I find myself running the same routes that I used to ride.

I see things differently...why?

Its the pace. The accelerated pace on the bike allowed me to only see the big picture, worrying about what's next. Slowing down gave me a chance to see more details.

Could it be I am missing things at the office, at home because of the pace that I am moving through life and the 'to-do lists'?

I would say "yes". Here are some things I am doing to slow down and get a closer view.

  • meet one-on-one with my direct reports each week, really focusing on how they are doing
  • take time to preview my weekly calendar and work-flow list on Sunday night or Monday morning
  • review what took place last week...did we miss anything, were we true to our core values and mission?
  • walk through our buildings speaking to employees, talking about life, not work (employees are our greatest asset)
  • walk the campus in a different pattern, its amazing who and what you will see

What would you do to change your routine so that you would see things differently?

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