Building and Keeping Trust

I don't know why but my car has two clocks on its dashboard, one near the radio and one near the speedometer. Today they both work, but... The clock near the speedometer has not kept the correct time for two years...until this week.

Each time I see the clock on the left, I don't know if it is right so I have to make a second glance to the clock on the right.

The problem, I don't trust the newly working clock.

  • It has not been reliable.
  • It has been wrong.

It really is about trust.

I wonder how long it will before I trust the newly working clock.

I was thinking if I want my boss to trust me what do I have to do?

I have to be reliable all the times.

It is then I build trust.

And if I mess up...I break the trust and it will take a long period of time to build the trust again. In fact it takes longer to re-build trust than to initiate it in a new relationship.

I have said for many years that when my life is over I want to be remembered as one who was faithful to what God called me to do and that all of my actions were of the highest integrity.

What do you do to build trust with your team or your boss?


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