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passing the torch
passing the torch



A few weeks ago I posted a blog Once Hired, Bring Them Along. It outlines what I have witnessed that has propelled me to establish an on-boarding strategy for any new employee on my team. This post is a follow up. There are thousand of leadership books in print but there is none better than the Bible, where we can see the actions of Christ and others as they lead groups and individuals.

Recently I have been doing a lot of study of the New Testament book 1 Timothy, a letter written from an experienced leader to a rather young leader. In examining this letter and other New Testament encounters between the two we can find some examples of how the wise older leader advised and mentored the young leader for success.

  1. Before putting him in a leadership position he checked out his skill set (Timothy was well instructed concerning the Old Testament, the bible of the day)
  2. Paul checked Timothy's references (The brethren from the church recommended Timothy to Paul)
  3. Paul interviewed Timothy.
  4. Paul decided Timothy was capable
  5. Paul mentored Timothy. Before giving him a leadership position, Paul had Timothy travel with him. He invested and trained Timothy.
  6. He cared for Timothy. Paul called him 'son.'
  7. Paul reminded Timothy often of his task.
  8. Paul gave strong words of instruction to Timothy

As you examine this relationship you see that Paul did everything in his power to make sure Timothy was a success. Shouldn't that also be the role of every leader? Don't we need to make sure those on our team are successful?

If I want a successful team then I must invest in the team members, giving them every chance to succeed and providing the tools, instruction and correction to do so.

When the team members are successful the team functions efficiently, creatively and productively.

How do you ensure that your teams members succeed?

Do you have a process for walking with your teams members to ensure success?

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