Worship: Pastors They Are Watching You

You can implore your worship team to be leaders/examples for the congregation. You can encourage the congregation to worship.

You can as the worship leader plan, lead and get lost in the conversation of worship


...the congregation takes its cues from the pastor

...the congregation will engage better in worship when the engages in worship.

I am thankful that I have a pastor who does engages in worship, who doesn't think of what comes before the sermon as the 'warm-up.'

From my point of view I get to look down and see our senior pastor singing, praying, and even clapping as if there was no one watching him but God. That's what I saw this weekend. (Even though our pastor sits on the main floor out of the natural line of site of most of the congregation they still find a way to what him.) They are looking for his cues, they are looking at his example.

Do you agree that the congregations looks to the pastor to see if he is worshiping?

Here is the setlist that we used this weekend.

Opening Song There is One Reason from Sovereign Grace Ministry. (I posted a video of this song here.)

Prayer We took some intentional time in all our services today to pray for our country and for our role and responsibilities as it relates to living a life for Christ in this country. (I have posted other thoughts on God and Country here.


Songs and Scripture Your Grace is Enough Healer Prayer You Never Let Go Scriptures: John 3:16-18; Acts 10:37-43 How Deep the Father's Love for Us



This post is my contribution to the blog carnival Sunday Setlists which can be found at The Worship Community.

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