Worship, Are You Prepared?

The planning team has it all laid out.The vocal team has rehearsed. The band has rehearsed. The pastor has spent hours on the sermon.

What have you done to prepare for worship this weekend?

How about

reading through the scriptures that will be studied? praying for those who will lead? praying that you will be open to hear whatever God has to say? ...maybe even singing through the songs before you get there?


For the people at ClearView here are the scriptures and most of the songs. I hope you get a chance to prepare.

Luke 23

John 14:12-18, 27

Come Praise and Glorify

To God Be the Glory Shout to the Lord

From the Inside Out

When I Speak Your Name. _________________

This post is written especially for the people of the church I service, ClearView Baptist, Franklin, Tennessee. It is a part of the series Preparing for Worship.

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