Christ-Centered Worship and the Act of Confession

We are good about including






We are getting better at including


But often we fail when it comes to including 'confession' as a part of our worship services.

In our tradition there is almost always a time at the end of the service where people are given the opportunity to accept Christ through confession of sin, however, confession is and should be for Christ-followers also. We are not perfect therefore we still need Christ's forgiveness.

Over the last few years we have been examining the acts of worship we include in each service and most recently how to include a time of confession. This week we added a time of confession for everyone early in the service. In a traditional/liturgical service this time of confession comes near the beginning Christ-centered worship experience and that is where placed ours.

I led this time of confession following a written prayer that I have posted here. This time of confession also included a statement and thanks for the assurance of pardon.

Below is the outline for the whole service including where the confession was placed.

Pre-service 5 minute countdown

Songs Majestic by Lincoln Brewster Your Name by Glen Packiam and Paul Baloche

Prayer of Confession (I have posted this prayer here)

Song More by Chris Cullins, T W Hale and Michael H Smith


Songs and Scripture God You Are God by Josh Lopez Our worship choir introduced this new song. A video of this song is posted here.

Philippians 2:5-11 no introduction given to this scripture, a worship team member just started reading as the previous song ended.

When I Speak Your Name by Klaus Kuehn piano begin to play during scripture and we started singing as soon as scripture ended

Thirst by Tony Guerrero this was sung as a prayer as we moved toward the sermon



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