Tomorrow Is Sunday, how are you preparing?

Sunday's coming, have we thought about preparing for our journey to the place of worship? From the earliest pages of scripture God has instructed His people to gather as a group to worship Him. This week while listening to a recent sermon by David Platt I was reminded that God's people were delivered from Egypt, led by Moses, so that they could worship. Not long after that event we find in Exodus 19:16 and following a gathering of God's people where God revealed Himself and they worshiped.

Scenes of gathering for worship are repeated often in scripture and anything that is repeated in scripture must be important to God so it should be important to us.

So how should we come to worship:

  • Come prepared
    • prepare your heart
    • review any resources that your church provides
    • review last week's service and or sermon notes
  • Come expecting
    • God is there
  • Come early
    • make it a priority
  • Enter with a reverent heart


This post is a part of the series Preparing for Worship written especially for the congregation that I service, ClearView Church in Franklin, Tennessee. In our services this weekend we will examine the scripture Luke 10:38-42. If you would like a deeper look at these scriptures before tomorrow morning go to, a great resource.We will also introduce a new worship song, God You Are God. Below is video from the church where this song was written.

A Sunday Morning Prayer Before Worship

A Balance of Tempos