A Flexible Worship Stage Design

I am glad how churches, including the one I serve, are open to changing the stage look on a regular basis. If I had the time and the budget I would change our worship often, very often. But because I do not have the time or the budget I have been forced to come up with staging ideas that are budget friendly, flexible, designed well and great looking. We have chosen to designate a particular amount of money in our budget each year to design and build one set of staging that can be used in a multitude of designs throughout the year. (If we are creative in our design we often can get two designs.) This week is stage change week so it is a good time to share with you one of the designs our team has built and used in three ways over the past twelve months.

Here is a picture of it's most recent set-up:

We accomplish this look by creating 30 3'x3' squares built out of 1x4s that have white opaque coreplast in the centers. These centers give our lighting tech a blank canvas to display color both static and moving.

There are three types of squares: tops, bottoms and middles. The tops have connections on the bottom board, the bottom on the top board and the middle on both the top and bottom.

The connections are made with stage connects.

Since building this set we have built pyramids, squares and checkerboard patterns.

This concept was created by one of our team members Mike Psanos. If you want more info on this design, comment on this post and we will be happy to send it to you.


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