Its Almost Over

Its Almost Over

2018 is a few days away from running out of days.

If my memory is correct the Breakfast Club, will have met 51 times in 2018, taking a break only for Thanksgiving Day. There have been days where we wished for sunlight, others for a cool breeze to break up the humidity and still others where we wished it had been a little warmer. (Our coldest run was 17 degrees.)

We can easily calculate the potential for logging 255 miles.

But above all else we can say we logged miles with friends.

There are a few reasons I run:

  • to stay active so that I can be active as long as I can

  • to reach goals I set for myself

BUT…there is one more

  • a tribe of people I am glad can call friends.

When I moved to Huntsville from Franklin, TN a few years ago I left behind a running group that had become my friends. The core of our group met each Thursday morning to log a few miles, but just as important was the conversation over the ‘after the run breakfast.’ Leaving this group behind created a friendship hole that I didn’t think I would be able to fill.

However, that changed with the #Run256 community and especially the Breakfast Club Run.

Just last week I sat listening to the conversations around ‘after the run breakfast’ table and silently gave thanks for new friends.

If you have ever run with the Breakfast Club, thank you for being the kind of friend that make me set my alarm to 4:45 AM each Thursday morning.

Tomorrow is will be our last run of 2018 and we will use an out and back route. If you need to run 5 great, that’s the full route. If you need less, come join us you won’t be left on un-occupied roads. If you just need to meet some new running friends…come join us.

We meet just before 5:30 AM in front of the Fleet Feet store. The first steps of the run start promptly at 5:30 AM. After the run, most of us head over to Bruegger’s for coffee, bagels and conversation.

The route:

Out and Back

  • L- Carl T Jones

  • L - greenway

  • R - Lendon Park

  • L - Ahearn Ln.

  • R - Dewitt Dr.

  • L - Lendon Main

  • L - Carl T Jones

  • L - Garth

  • U-TURN at 4 Mile Post

  • R - Carl T Jones

  • R - Lendon Main

  • R - Dewitt

  • L - Ahearn

  • R - Lendon Park

  • L - greenway

  • R - Carl T Jones

  • R - into parking

What to Wear?

What to Wear?

Where Are the Lights?

Where Are the Lights?