Running or Skating

Running or Skating

Running in cooler weather can almost feel like skating.

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A friend once made that statement to me after we had suffered through months of marathon training in heat and humidity.

For weeks we have been waiting for the weather to break and give us a cool Thursday morning.

It finally looks as though we may get that reward. The low temperature forecast for Thursday morning is 46.

The run will not be as easy as skating on a flat or downhill surface but the perceived exertion level will be lower and actually the real exertion level.

As always the the run starts at 5:30am from Fleet Feet. The route will be five miles with an option for less. After everyone is invited to partake in some conversation and bagels at Bruegger’s.

Fun Run (Garmin Connect Info)

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  • L - Carl T Jones

  • L - Wainwright

  • R - LIttlebury

  • R - Macon

  • L - Tannahill

  • L - Criner

  • con’t straight to Dewitt

  • L - Garth

  • REPEAT all these steps

  • R - Carl T Jones

  • R - into parking lot

One More Road

One More Road

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Rain, Rain, Go Away