Three Key Responsibilities of a Leader

Leadership AxiomsI am right in the middle of reading Leadership Axioms by Bill Hybels. Its a collection of short chapters, each of which divulges Hybels convictions that direct his leadership style. I am convinced that before I finish the book I will need a new is filled that many good thoughts on leadership. The forward to the book is written by Dr. Henry Cloud and in just a few paragraphs he outlines three key responsibilities of a leader:

  • to cause a vision and mission to have tangible results in the real world. Without a real difference mad in real people's lives, a vision is relegated to a pipe dream.
  • to care for the experience of his or her followers. If your leadership is sound, not only are you hitting the numbers, but you are also lifting the people to more health, more growth, more success.
  • to initiate self-leadership, the commitment to constant improvement as a leader.

These are powerful statements and ones that anyone who wants success for himself as a leader, to lead a successful team and to have longevity in leadership should remember.


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