Preparing for Worship, It's Not Too Late

I can't do it, mainly because my job demands it, but I would hope that even it were not demanded by my job I would still do it. I can't walk into my place of worship without being prepared. The more I am prepared, the more I am ready to hear God speak and the more released I feel to worship with abandon. That is also my prayer for the congregation where I serve.

Here are some things I have done this week to be prepare for worship:

  • spent time conversing with God, hearing Him speak through His word and in times of quiet prayer
  • took most of one day without the noise of the Internet or television and asking God to speak in the silence
  • reviewed all the songs and other elements that will be used in worship

Its Saturday afternoon and I am still preparing because I want to enjoy God's presence in Worship and be ready for Him to manifest His presence.

Its Saturday afternoon and it is not too late to prepare for worship.

For the people of the place where I serve here are some specific things you can do to be ready for tomorrow:

  • spend some time in God's word. The sermon will be based on Genesis 37-50 and these scriptures will be used in worship: Psalm 86:8 and Romans 5:6-8
  • review the songs below so that you can join in with confidence
  • pray for our pastor to have peace about what God has given him to share and boldness to proclaim the truths
  • pray that you would be open to God's soft voice during worship
  • pray tonight that things will go smoothly around your home tomorrow morning

How do you prepare for Sunday worship?

Songs for Sunday:

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