The Bible In One Year

One Year BibleOne of the core values at our church is our belief in the Authority of God's Word. To help our church understand the significance of that value we have committed to spending this year, 2013, walking through the whole Bible.

The reason for this endeavor is for all of us to be exposed to God's Word as a story of redemption...our intentional pursuit by God for our souls, our worship. At the end of this year we hope our congregation has a better understanding of how:

  • The 66 books of the Bible tell one story
  • The theme of  hope and redemption, is repeated in each section

Throughout the year we want

  • to use our readings as conversation starters with Christ-following friends
  • be challenged by our readings to share the Story of Hope with those who do not follow Christ.

We have branded this journey as: The Story: A Chronology of Hope. You can find a link to the chronological reading schedule here and videos of all the sermons on the ClearView website.

Has your church ever read through God's Word together in one year?

Have you ever read the Bible through in chronological order?

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