Songs for Worship

There are worship songs that

  • sing to God...praise
  • help us remember who our God is...adoration
  • remind us of our humanity...confession
  • share what God has done for us...assurance
  • repeat the words of God...encouragement
  • invite a response from us...invitation

This Sunday we introduced a new song to our congregation Come To Me by Jenn Johnson and its lyrics fall into the last two category. First it paraphrases God's own proclamation of who He is. Then it repeats God and Christ's own invitation 'come to me' to find rest and contentment in Their presence.

How do you choose new songs?

How do you introduce new songs?

Do you use a specific criteria?

Here is how we placed the new song in our service along with the rest of our Setlist.

Songs for Worship

Praise His Name Forever. A choir led call to worship that we had the congregation join in on.

Psalm 118:1-4. We divided these verses out so that the congregation could participate responsively.

Forever. An older Chris Tomlin song but one that echoes the words of Psalm 118. I have to remind myself not to forget songs of past years.

Great Is Thy Faithfulness. A great hymn that speaks to God through wonderful poetry. We used verse three to talk of our redemption through Christ sacrifice

1 Peter1:3-5. This helped link the story of salvation to a future hope of worship around the throne of God.

Revelation Song. We used a spoken introduction that reminded us that when we sing the words of this song we are joining with the beings around the throne of God who continuously cry out these phrases.

Come To Me. Great new song, that is not in the typical mold of the average worship song



I am glad to participate in the blog carnival Sunday Setlists, especially on this their 200 consecutive week. The Sunday Setlist can be found at The Worship Community.


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