Broadway Style Musicals for the Church

For the last 14 year I have been blessed to have on my team Ed Kee. He has been active in many areas of the worship ministry at ClearView and his greatest impact is recruiting, mentoring, rehearsing and preparing instrumental teams to lead worship. Because of Ed's faithful leadership we now have an accomplished orchestra and jazz band...yes you read that right...jazz band. After over 35 years in the church music publishing business with a well known publisher, Ed has now moved on to start his own company that feeds another of his passions and meets the needs in many churches: gathering and/or creating and publishing Broadway style musicals for the church. Ed knows this genre and he sees the potential of how musical theater can be a great outreach opportunity for the local church.

I want to encourage you to check out Ed's website and see the great resources he can provide. In past years we have produced two of the musicals Ed has written and they have been a great success. One of those was The Gift. You can see some video of this production here.

Last week Ed sent me the following information, a special offer from to the readers of this blog. Take a look...


Church Musicals is offering a $50 Gift Certificate toward either the cost of an adult Christmas musical* or toward an additional performance of a licensed Christmas musical (a $50 value). You can review all of their musicals (with sample audio) on their website at  and full demos can be ordered there as well.

Once you’ve decided on a musical, just click on this link,  which will bring up a form that will enable you to designate which offer and which musical you would like. You will also be required to enter this promotional code (MS0715) which is available exclusively on this blog.  After sending the form, you’ll receive an email from Church Musicals within 24 hours. The certificates must be redeemed by July 15th.

Church Musicals is unique in that they specialize in Broadway-style musicals and productions. There is no other company or site on the web where you can go to find multiple Broadway-style musicals designed for the church.  has  some of the top musical theater productions from churches around the country.

*The following titles are excluded: One Bethlehem Night, The Homecoming, The Christmas Shoes


Has your church every produced a Broadway style musical?

Have you every produced one that Ed Kee has written?

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