A Church Lesson

they meet three times a week...in a small apartment

  • two hours for prayer
  • two hours for bible study
  • two hours for worship

they wanted to know more

they cared for each other

they ate together once a week

When I read through the new testament I can imagine the early church following this pattern.

But what I am describing is what I heard from a group of students in a communist country when they described their house church.

Think of this ... they are taking 23 or more semester hours in college, which requires enormous amounts of study time, but they find time to gather three times a week... six hours.

As I left the first meeting with them, one of the girls asked for my email address, here is a portion of what she wrote.

I am so honored and happy to spend this wonderful whole night with all of you, and I think our church does need someone who can help us and lead us spiritually. You know it's really difficult for us to find someone overseas to guide and teach us spiritually. Will you stay in touch and help our church?

She was asking for our help, but what she doesn't realize is that her passion for God was teaching me something about 'church.' They were serious about: gathering, supporting each other, worshiping, and studying God's Word. It was a major part of their week.

I am excited and humbled by her request and working now on how to support and mentor her and her friends. I am also praying that what I learned from them will stay with me as I try to follow God's teaching about 'church.'

Will you pray with me that I and my home church can find ways to meet her request?


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