Temporarily Disappointed

I mis-read a tweet during the NCAA basketball tournament. I thought one fan said he was "temporarily disappointed" in his favorite team who had just lost in the first round. When I read the tweet a second time it said he was "terribly disappointed." But my hunch is both phrases are correct for the fan. The disappointment of the loss was a heart break but as soon as the next sport season begins the fan will quickly forget the disappointment. In sports disappointment rises and falls with wins and losses.

In relationships there are also disappointments, whether it is with family, co-workers or team members, however they are based on actions.

I love my children and I am very proud of them, however there are times I am 'temporarily disapointed' with their actions. Its these moments that can be used to mentor and lead them not to make the same mistake again.

I have a great team I work with and lead and there are times I am 'temporarily disappointed' in their actions. Here I need to confront through re-communicating expectations so that our team is aligned properly around our values.

Relationships at home and work are ones to be treasured but to do so takes honest and intentional dialog. Then even when we are "temporarily disappointed" the relationships can be repaired.


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