Prepared for Change

Question how much freedom do you give yourself to make changes in the services you lead as you walk through them each week?

Please understand I am a big proponent of being prepared, planning every detail of the service. In working through all the details the teams are then prepared to make changes.
How much freedom do you feel to make those changes?
Many teams use click or loop tracks to enhance the sounds of the music. Some days I would love the consistency of a beat that a click would provide but would it limit the freedom I feel.
Early in my career I worked for a pastor who did not want me to give an order of songs to the people on stage but just to wing it and let the Spirit lead. If the Spirit can lead on Sunday morning he can lead six weeks out also.
  • When we have prayed and then put a plan on paper
  • When we have prayed and then rehearsed the plan
  • When we worship as we lead, engage in a conversation with God
  • Then we will be ready to listen when He says make a change
This past Sunday the outline looked the same for both services but how it was carried out was a little different. I felt God was prompting changes and we had prepared enough to make them.
Here is what the outline looked like:
Songs and Scripture
Everything To Me (This is an original song written by one of our team members. We would love share it with you. Comment below and we will gladly send it to you.)
This post is my participation in the blog carnival Sunday Setlists which can be found at The Worship Community.

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