Turn Out the Lights

There are times when we need to give our congregations a break and maybe even turn out the lights. Turning out the lights might just be the thing to help the worshipers engage in a deeper conversation. This week we took a big detour in musical style having the worship choir present a more traditional piece, Holy Is the Lord by Franz Schubert arranged by Jay Rouse. Presenting this piece was a stretch for us and outside the box of our normal. (Take a moment and listen to this piece. If you cannot use it in your corporate worship you can use it in your private worship. The link is posted below.)

It is a great piece of music but we didn’t want it to be about the music, we wanted the music to help the people focus on and engage with God. As the choir worshiped and presented this song we turned out the lights and placed on our screens descriptive words for God that corresponded with the text of the music. It was a powerful few moments. The attention was on God, not the choir, the lack of light made it almost impossible to miss God’s attributes being projected on the screens.

Here are some take-a-ways:

1.      It is good to stretch our worship teams out of their comfort zones

2.      It is good to give our congregations new settings to focus on God.

3.      Having a worship choir prepare a challenging piece of music makes them better at all styles.

I wouldn’t recommend turning out the lights every week but occasionally it can be a great way to see God.

Here is our set list:

Holy Spirit Rain Down by Russell Fragar

Come Now Is the Time To Worship by Brian Doerksen

How Can I Keep From Singing by Chris Tomlin, Ed Cash, Matt Redman

Scripture: Psalm 99

Holy Is the Lord by Franz Schubert arr by Jay Rouse

Christ Is Risen, by Matt Maher and Mia Fields

Wonderful Cross, by Jesse Reeves, Chris Tomlin

You can access more details about this plan here.


This post is my contribution to the blog carnival Sunday Setlists which can be found at The Worship Community.

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