The Principle of the Path, a book review

Destination – Intention – Direction – Determines: four words that are used often in our normal conversations. Andy Stanley takes these four words, with a connection, arranges them and creates a powerful statement that can help us start and keep moving with positive purpose.

Direction not Intention Determines Destination.


In the book The Principle of the Path, Stanley takes us on a journey from ideals to reality from intention to action. Using everyday language and examples he helps us understand that it is the direction, the steps we take that lead us to the arrival points in our lives. If we want to save for our children’s education we must take the steps to make it happen. If we want to have a great marriage that endures and thrives we must take the steps to make it happen. Having the desire or intent to make these and other wishes a reality will never suffice without ‘direction’ taking the steps toward our wishes.

After reading his book I have come to believe that having the ‘intent’ to make changes in our lives or our careers often leads to procrastination. We think we are doing something to create change or progress but in reality our intent gets us nowhere, therefore we put off taking the first step.

Stanley has a unique gift for communicating both in public and through the written word. It is through this gift that readers will be pulled into contemplation about creating and pursuing worthy destinations.

I would recommend this book to anyone wishing to make steps toward positive changes in life, relationships or career.


This post is my participation in the book review conversation, BookSneeze. I received a free copy of this book to review by participating in the blog carnival. BookSneeze is an arm of Thomas Nelson Publishing.

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