I thought I was teaching them

I entered the weekly meeting of a student leadership team I mentor. I had my lesson all planned, a leadership lesson with props. There was one prop and I had planned one lesson. I left with a second great lesson, a new appreciation for this group of students and the realization that I should be open to learn from anyone.

The prop…a shoe shine brush

The lesson I brought…"leaders must be willing to serve those they lead, taking care of their needs, even cleaning off their shoes."

The lesson they taught me…the leader is the one who holds the whole team together, like the block of wood holding and organizing the bristles, but the job cannot be completed until the leader and the team work in the same direction to carry out the task.

These students of the Centennial High School Band Leadership Team are amazing and they really grasp the concept of leadership (being and example and serving.) I am thankful that I get to spend time with them and learn from them.

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