Preparing for Worship, some practical steps.


“A striking feature of worship in the Bible is that people gathered in what we could only call a ‘holy expectancy.’ They believed they could actually hear the Kol Yahweh, the voice of God." Richard Foster.

What if we entered our places to worship tomorrow with the same expectancy as was demonstrated throughout the pages of the God’s Word? What if we made it a point to make sure that the activities of our Sunday morning did not hinder our designated encounter with God in worship?

Here are some practical steps that could help us all prepare to hear the voice of God:

  • Enter for worship ten minutes early
  • Contemplate God’s majesty, glory and tenderness
  • Pray for the leaders, everyone on stage and behind the scenes who encourage us to engage in worship
  • Pray that God’s truth will be spoken
  • Pray specifically for the pastor that he will have clarity of thoughts as he delivers the sermon
  • As people begin to enter the room pray for them that they will sense the presence of God
  • Pray for yourself that your heart will be open to hear and respond to God’s revelation

This post is a continuation of the series “Preparing for Worship” written for the people of ClearView Church where I serve. ClearView is a worshiping church and desires to know God through the study of His Word and respond through the a passionate conversation in worship.

Here are two scriptures that will be used in tomorrow's worship at ClearView:

Psalm 139

Luke 7

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