@StickyJesus, a book review

Followers of Christ have heard these two prevailing themes:

Beware of the things of the world; they can hinder the relationship you have with God.

Be involved in the world so that you can influence the world for God.

Both themes are true.

God has placed us, His created beings in this time and space and this time and space has become more corrupt with un-Godly things. However, this does mean that Christ-followers should become recluse and holed up, all together, in some commune.

Tami Heim and Toni Birdsong in their book @StickyJesus give us practical guidelines about living in a society that is filled with the noise of technology; where this noise can keep us from hearing the voice of God.

What I expected to be a book of practical suggestions turned surprisingly into a book that revealed itself page after page as practical suggestions based on Biblical truths. The book challenged me to see the importance of engaging people who do not follow Christ in meaningful dialog, standing firm for my Christ-centered beliefs, while at the same time challenging me to limit my ‘dive’ into technology to protect mind and heart.

The ease at which Heim and Birdsong speak of technology and social networking displays their knowledge, but what is more impressive is the way they speak of their relationship as Christ-followers.

As Christ-followers we understand that this place we live is not our final home and that one day God will give us the opportunity to live with Him. Until that time that he calls us home it is our responsibility to live as examples for Christ and encouraging as many as will listen to join us on the journey. Today there are many communication tools that can be used to spread this life-changing message and in @StickyJesus our eyes are open to a whole new realm of possibilities to carry out our mission.

I recommend @StickyJesus to any Christ-follower who desires to spread the message of His grace through new technology and at the same time protect their relationship with Christ from ‘worldly influences.’

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