Using Scripture In Worship

There is nothing stronger in a worship service than reading God’s Word. Last Sunday we had four separate scripture sections read as a part of our Sunday Setlist. Here are some things we used to make sure the content of the scripture was understood:

  1. Put all the scriptures on the screen as they were being read.
  2. When using a long passage it is okay to take away some of the verses that might need extra explanation. Example from yesterday was Psalm 139, we used vs: 1-7, 11-14, 17-18, 23-24
  3. Using different voices that the worship leader to read is very effective. Even using someone who is not on the worship team.
  4. Coach the reader on the importance of speaking clearly and slowly. Always do a sound-check with the reader.
  5. Briefly, very briefly explain why the scripture was added to the service. (I added two scriptures from the book of Isaiah this week, 12:1,4-5 and 14:24. I explained that my personal study over the past few weeks had been in Isaiah and before using the passage from Isaiah 12 I explained that some of Isaiah is hard to read and hard to understand. The middle books seem to about gloom and destruction. But in the middle of these dark passages there is a gem of praise. Listen to verses from chapter 12…)
  6. Vary how what accompanies the scripture. Here are three different things we used:
  • Keyboard pad under scripture in key of next song which was up-tempo. This worked well so that a quick transition could be made to the next song.
  • Piano playing softly in tempo the next song on the list.
  • Nothing…simply a voice reading God’s truths.

Adding scripture to services is powerful, it is one of the clearest ways to hear from God and learn about Him.

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