Worship Confession: The Band Leader Counted: 123-456

We were moving from one song to another. There was suppose to be a brief verbal transition from the worship leader as the band made the transition (change of keys and meter.) Due to our set up the worship leader could hear the band leading counting off the next song in his in-ear monitors. The band leader said 123-456…nothing. The worship leader began to talk more.

Once again the band leader counted 123-456…nothing. The worship leader began to panic.

Finally…inimically a few instruments fell in somewhere. The song started.

After the service we all laughed and realized as much as it bothered us and we should try to fix the issue for the next service 99% of the people did not recognize there was a problem. Why?

  • We had rehearsed enough to know where we were headed (eventually.)
  • We had worked together long enough to know how to cover the issue.

When this happens next time:

  • The service must go on.
  • Someone must step up and keep it going.

There should not be an indication from those leading that there is a problem.

Here is the Sunday Setlist where all this took place:


How Great Is Our God by Chris Tomlin (v1cv2cbbc)

Songs and Scripture

Psalm 8:1

Majestic by Lincoln Brewster (v1cv1cb1b1b2cc)

Romans 11:33-36

Immortal, Invisible by Laura Story (v1cv2cv3cv3c)



Jesus Paid It All (bbbv1cv2cbbb)

When I Remember by Kim Hill (cv1cv2cbcc)

I Give You My Heart by Rueben Morgan (cvc)

Hosanna by Brooke Fraser (bbc)


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