Sunday Setlist: being prepared for changes

The more prepared we are the more we are able to change what we have planned. There is a joke around my team each week that what we rehearse is never what we lead. That’s 90% true, however, I believe that by planning and preparing that plan we are able to vary during the service because we were prepared. The change may be repeating a section or skipping a section or adding a familiar hymn in the most recently sung key. But because we have detailed and identified each song, section within the song and transitions the team feels comfortable varying the map. Here are five points that help our team:

  • Make a detailed plan
  • Rehearse the plan
  • Leader indicate during rehearsal if there might be changes
  • Set in advance how changes will be communicated.
  • Leaders must be sensitive to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.
  • …and it is okay just to stop and call for the changes, everything doesn’t have to perfect.

Here is the set-list for ClearView Church on Sunday January 9.


Majestic by Lincoln Brewster

-often we use the pre-service music to teach new songs we will use in the near future.

Songs and Scripture

Isaiah 12:1,4-5

-a great chapter of praise stuck in the middle of gloomy prophesies

-member of the vocal team read this scripture

-we had keys and electric guitar provide pad in key of next song

Father Spirit Jesus by Chad Cates, Dave Hunt, Mark Hall

-this is one of our favorite worship songs, we do not use the “pre-chorus”

Isaiah 14:24

-a great verse of encouragement

Speak O Lord by Keith Getty, Stuart Townend

-most churches can sing this song, no matter the ‘style’

Romans 5:1-5

-you can see we love to add scripture to our services

-the subject of the next song is the hope we find in God this song supports that thought

I Have A Hope by Tommy Walker

-this is a song we have used as a worship choir feature in the past, this time the congregation was asked to sing it with them.

-letting the worship choir introduce songs is a real plus



Scripture and Songs

Psalm 139

-we look for people outside the normal worship personnel to read scripture, this week we asked a high school to student to read this passage. It was very effective.

Healer by Mike Guglielmucci

-the song was an appropriate response to what we had just heard from Psalm 139

I Surrender All  by Judson Van DeVenter, Windfield Weeden



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