A Leader’s Heart, leadership examples from the ultimate source.

A leader in any organization should always be on the lookout for positive examples of leadership. It is from these examples that leaders find wisdom and knowledge for the decisions they must make. Author and speaker John Maxwell has made a career of extracting leadership examples from life situations and sharing them in his books. In A Leader’s Heart Maxwell uses examples from the greatest book ever written to create a 365 day devotional. On the title page for the month of January Maxwell writes: “The call to leadership is a consistent pattern in the Bible.” As a student of the Bible I have always found the best leadership examples in its pages. With great insight Maxwell helps the reader of A Leader’s Heart journey through these examples in a short daily scripture reading with comments about leadership on each section. I was apprehensive to begin this book thinking it would be another light gift book. I was pleasantly surprised at its content. Granted most of the passages that Maxwell writes are taken from his other books.

When reading this book I noticed that much of its content was credited from another resource “The Maxwell Leadership Bible.” I have since purchased this book also and found  another publication from Thomas Nelson Publishers; a New King James edition of the Bible with more detail comments on leadership.

I would recommend both of these books for anyone who is looking for great examples of leadership and leadership characteristics.


This post is my participation in the book review series "Booksneeze." Thomas Nelson Publishers provided the book.

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