Preparing for Worship, I have an advantage

I have a confession I have will have an advantage over every other person in our worship center this Sunday morning…I will know what is coming.  I have been looking at this coming Sunday’s service for weeks now. I know what is planned, I know the songs we will sing and I know what the sermon is based on, but again that is my job. My job also is to help everyone engage in the act of worship from the time they walk in the worship center…and that is the reason for this post.

It is my desire that before we ever arrive we are engaging in a conversation with God When we arrive we are ready to participate to glorify Him and edify the body.

This week at ClearView we will stop to remember God’s provision and faithfulness through these songs:


Blessed Be Your Name

Our God

Be Thou My Vision

Celebrate the greatest gift of all with these songs

All Because of Jesus

My Savior My God

And study another part of His Word as our pastor leads us in a study of Luke chapter 4.

No matter where you plan to worship this coming weekend you can prepare through prayer and study and then you are ready to participate. Don’t wait for the worship leaders to help you engage, start before you enter the building.

The worship leader should not be the only one prepared to engage in worship.

A Leader’s Heart, leadership examples from the ultimate source.

No. 60, I remember…