Definition of Success

Just recently my friend and co-worker Connie Hartzell led our staff through a look at Genesis 24, specifically looking at the meaning of success. No matter what your business, success must be defined.

As a Christ follower, and no matter the business, the concepts in Genesis 24 can help us define success and give us a sequence of actions steps.

1.      Leader communicates the challenge and the tasks (Genesis 24:4)

2.      Follower

a.      asks questions to clarify the task and the expectation (Genesis 24:5)

b.      Follower accepts the task (Genesis 24:9)

c.      Expects success

3.      The tools for success are gathered and prepared (Genesis 24:10-11)

4.      Prayed and asked God for guidance (Genesis 24:12-14)

5.      Seized the opportunity to carry out the task (Genesis 24:12)

6.      Carried out the plan as much as humanly possible, (Genesis 24:14) then

7.      Waited for God to show the final steps (Genesis 24:15-21)

8.      Arrival of success was clear because of expectations and preparation (Genesis 24:22-25, 45)

9.      Once the task was accomplished time was given for offering thanks to God. (Genesis 24:26)

10.   Returned to the leader with testimony of success (Genesis 24:62)

11.   Celebration of success as the events were re-told. (Genesis 24:65-67)

How do you know your actions or strategy has been a success?

Does your action plan for success match up with God's?

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