Building on the past, looking to the future

In some places the ‘past’ is considered sacred and talked about much more than the future. The “past” had a life with as much energy as the present, which could never meet it standards. It seems the “past” accomplishments grow each time the stories are re-told.

The “past” can be the foundation on which to achieve more but it should never the goal we are striving for.

The present must gain wisdom from the “past”: continue that which propels and discontinue that which weighs down.

In our quest for a brighter tomorrow, never forget the ‘past’ but never look to it for all the answers.

  • Remember
  • Celebrate
  • Make course corrections if needed

Those consumed by the “past” need to be refocused on the present with a clear view of the future.

There is too much to be accomplished and there is no way to repeat history.

The present and future have the potential to be better but not without the past.

Preparing for Worship: November 21, 2010

No. 13: I remember...