Preparing for Worship: November 21, 2010

Sunday morning is safe. We worship in nice rooms that will have conditioned air that keep us comfortable.

Sunday morning is safe.

We are surrounded by familiar faces that have the same beliefs we do.

Sunday morning is safe.

We can converse with God, out-loud, without the fear of persecution or belittlement.

Sunday morning is safe.

We can express emotion toward our God with the encouragement of others.

Should our worship places make us feel safe all the time?

One of the most repeated phrases in God’s word is ‘don't be afraid,’ so it can be assumed that God wants us to feel safe. But many other places we find instructions and challenges that if carried out would take us out of our comfort zone.

This week in our worship services we focus on the mission of the church and more specifically how we have put that into words for our congregation.

I am preparing for Sunday this way:

God, help me enjoy your presence Sunday as I worship. May what I lead and participate in be about glorifying Your name and edifying the gathering of believers. As Your child and follower of Your Son, let me be sensitive to what You will be saying; to Your instructions, challenges and desires. And most of all make me willing to obey You.

Just two more days till we gather for worship in our safe places with our friends…will we be willing to move out of our comfort zone if that is what God speaks?

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