Saturday Expectation

We know what happened on Thursday…Passover, ‘the Last Supper’

We know what happened on Friday…the Crucifixion

We know what happened on Sunday…the Resurrection

But what happened on Saturday?

Did they disperse to their separate ways?

Did they think their world was coming to an end?

Did they wait expectantly for what they knew He said would happen?

___________________________________________________ Thursday we can hardly wait for the end of the week to arrive

Friday we count the hours till we get to leave our place of work

Saturday we stay busy with the ‘home list’

But…should Saturday also include ‘expectation’

For…tomorrow is a great opportunity to gather as family in worship.

We know His presence will meet us there

We know we will have opportunity to converse with words of worship

We know we learn more about Him as we open His Word

We know this will all happen (unless He calls us to the place He is preparing)

So…are we waiting and preparing with ‘expectation?’

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