A Different Kind of Worship War: Sunday Setlists September 19, 2010

A Worship Confession:  It was on rare occasion that I got to ride with my family to church.  From everything I have heard I think I missed some of the ‘worship wars’ that took place on Sunday mornings. You know those wars of getting everyone dressed and ready to leave so that you don’t walk in the worship center on the third song. This morning I had a different kind of worship war and no it was not over style, it was me managing the war between all the things I had to get done in rehearsals against slowing down and connecting with God.

At the beginning of our first service I admitted to our people that I needed a do-over. I had too many things going on and I just needed to stop and connect. So I stopped and spoke a prayer of petition, asking God to clear my mind of the un-needed clutter and focus on Him.

I think it is important that we as worship leaders are vulnerable to our people. So this morning I let it all out and because God honored my prayer I was able to connect with Him in the conversation of worship.

Here is our song setlist for September 19, 2010.

Song How Great Thou Art: this is an arrangement we first heard at Saddleback that adds some great energy to the song and also allows us to use our orchestra.

Scripture Psalm 27. There is nothing stronger we can add to a service than God’s Words read directly from His book.

Song The Lord Is My Light (Psalm 27), a new setting of this Psalm by Cliff Duren and Twilla LaBar arranged by J. Daniel Smith. It was challenging for our choir and orchestra but the work paid off as it was well received and a great re-presentation of this scripture.




Songs Hosanna (I See the King of Glory) I love the words we state when we sing the bridge to this song. As moving as they are they are challenging to live out. My challenge to our people this morning was to not let these words come off the screen and out our mouths without them touching our heart.

Let the Church Rise. Here is another song that challenges us as a church to be the church outside the walls we meet in.  My thought on singing this song today came from the bridge also: “let the wind blow, revive us again.” What would the church really look like if we allow the Holy Spirit to take full control?

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