What Will Be Your Legacy?

Out Live Your Life is the newest book by Max Lucado. In its pages he challenges the readers to the fact that each of us is made to make a difference in the days we live but also leave a legacy for future generations. The challenge goes beyond being a good person but the call to be authentic Christ-followers, whose legacy invests in future generations by sharing the glory and grace of God. Throughout the pages of the book we are challenged to think what living a life as a Christian should look like and then we are asked to be realistic and describe what Christians do look like. Lucado states that to be a real Christ follower takes courage and boldness. He does not leave us with this statement without giving us insight into how we can find boldness. On pages 81 and 82 of this book, Lucado shows us that we can find the strength to be bold by examining the life of Christ and making it a priority to be with Him daily through a personal, intimate relationship.  These pages finish with these words:

“Would you be bold tomorrow? Then be with Jesus today. Be in His Word. Be with his people. Be in His presence. And when persecution comes (and it will), be strong. Who knows? People may realize that you, like the disciples, have been with Christ.”

The take away for me from this book is that our lives will out-live our life. However the question still remains: what will that legacy look like? I hope that my family and friends will be able to say that I was a Christ-follower who lived out that decision with boldness. I believe that is Max Lucado’s reason for writing this book.

This book review is my participation in BookSneeze by Thomas Nelson. For my participation in this blog carnival I was given a copy of the book to review.

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