A Story to Tell Our Children

During the time our children live in our homes we tell or read them a variety of stories from Good Night Moon to David and Goliath. Each story has its significance for the particular stage of development. As we tell these stories we are engaging in a most important activity, spending quality time with our children. We are also teaching them about what we believe by which stories we use. Just recently I have been reminded that I told my children stories but I neglected an important one: my salvation story, the account of how and when I accepted Christ. Please don’t misunderstand what I am saying…I am not saying that I didn’t tell my children about God or Christ or how they can have a personal and continuing relationship with Him. My wife and I did share that important reality and thankfully both my children have entered into that amazing relationship.

What I can’t remember sharing is how and when I made that decision. Obviously I couldn’t share my story with them until they were old enough to understand, but it is a story they needed to hear and I believe more than once.

As we read through the Old Testament and Psalms we can find numerous accounts of the same story, the story of God’s deliverance of His people from Egypt and their captors. God felt that this story of His faithfulness needed to be repeated so He made sure it occurred often in His Word.

The story of God’s love for me and how He invited me to know Him personally is a story that I need to tell. I need to tell my children and someday I need to tell my grandchildren.

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