Preparing for Ministry Through Prayer

Prayer is one of the ways we communicate with God. In times of silence we sense God’s presence and through our spoken words or intentional thoughts, we voice our praise, adoration and petitions to Him. Prayer is an important way to prepare for ministry opportunities as we can ask God to lead us and help us reflect His glory and speak of His grace.

In recent years I have struggled with how to implement more prayer time in our worship choir rehearsals and I have not been successful. But this year is different as I believe God has led us to add a separate prayer time on Wednesday nights that will focus on prayer for our worship services and for the worship choir as a ministry team.  One of our worship choir members has volunteered to facilitate the prayer time.

Here’s our plan:

  • Set a weekly time for prayer
  • Secure a room large enough to accommodate the people expected
  • Enlist a facilitator
  • Focus on a topic for the prayer
  • Encourage ministry team members to attend
  • Invite others interested in this ministry and prayer to attend

For us his ‘prayer time for worship’ will be held in the counseling room at 6:00 PM on Wednesday evenings.  The prayer time is open for anyone interested and it will conclude in time so that those participating can move back to the worship center for the bible study.

Our worship ministry is committed to supporting our activities with prayer and we will continue to look for other ways to make prayer a priority.

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