People are Looking for Leaders

It was a beautiful day in Southern California, the sun was out and I was headed to the pool.

Problem, I did not know how to get to the pool. I entered the elevator and quickly found the button labeled ‘pool.’

Problem, I was still wondering where it would be once I reached the right floor.

Somewhere between floor fifteen and floor one, a father and his small daughter joined me. They were obviously dressed for the pool. So as the door opened on the designated pool floor, I lingered just long enough to allow the father and daughter to lead…they looked like they knew where they were going and I was right..they did.

Here is what I learned from the trip to the pool:

  • People are looking for someone to lead
  • People choose the leader who they believe will get them to the next place
  • There is a great responsibility for leaders to be prepared and confident
  • Leaders need to know where they are going

Sunday Setlists: April 18, 2010

Worship Choir: the guy on the back row.