Sunday Setlists: April 18, 2010

When we worship leaders put together a list of songs for a Sunday service we are trying to find the right words, melodies, harmonies and tempos that would encourage people to engage in the act of worship. Often we or at least I am thinking of the people I will lead as I put that list together. “What is familiar? What key do we need to put it in? When did we sing that song last? Do we need to change the arrangement?” All valid questions…

What has come to surprise me more and more is how much the songs impact my life and it often happens in the rehearsal and not in the service.  Okay I know that may sound strange but it is true. It seems that during that last rehearsal before a service I am concentrating on the words and not how do I get the people to sing.  It is then that the words seem to jump of the screens and right into my heart.

So now the question becomes: “how do I get the congregation to focus on the words and let them impact their life?” It seems that is another journey I am on.

Here is the Setlist.

Song Set #1

*the thought behind this set is to state who God is, why we are in the house of worship, God never changes and our response to those statements is: ‘offer this heart O God.’

You You Are God (Walker Beech)

A very good song to open service

You Never Let Go (Beth and Matt Redman)

Scripture: Psalm 139 selected

The Stand (Joel Houston arr. by Mark Bovee) (Here is a video of this song on Youtube.)


Just after The Stand I reached over and ask the keyboard player to start playing in the key of C under the prayer.  I felt the congregation needed a time to respond in prayer and singing…

I Surrender All


Song Set #2

*my statement before starting this set is that the worship team at ClearView chooses songs not because they are new or old but because they are good, especially the words. That is why we chose to sing…

Jesus Paid It All (arr. Chris Tomlin)

When I Think About the Lord (James Huey arr. by Bradley Knight)

Our congregation loves this song, it is a great way for all of us to testify about what God has done for us.



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