Worship Choir: the guy on the back row.

For weeks the gentleman came into the place of worship, standing and sitting with the congregation but not really participating. Most times he stood; he did so with his arms folded as if to put up a force-field around him. He was just there; he just came with his wife. The routine of “Bob” each Sunday was always the same, he came, but he was not engaged, and this went on for weeks.

Walking into worship choir rehearsal the leader was in shock, there was “Bob.” He was easily recognizable as he had been each week as the leader looked to the back of the worship room.

The question now was, why? Why was “Bob” in a worship choir rehearsal?

The answer was surprising and encouraging.

“Bob” began to elaborate: I was new to the church and I was checking out everything. I wanted to know if what I saw on Sunday mornings was real. He then went on to say….

From the first I ruled out the pastor, he was saying good things, but he was the leader he was supposed to say good things and be the out front leader in his actions and words.

I ruled out the enthusiasm and energetic worship of the worship leader. He was the paid musician. He was just doing his job.

It was also easy for me to rule out the out front vocal team and how they expressed themselves. I knew they were rehearsing to sound good, look good and practice how they expressed themselves.

But then there was “Jim” on the back row of the choir, the guy I run into almost every time I am in the local hardware store, “Jim” just an ordinary guy. When I see “Jim” in the choir I see someone who is enjoying what he is doing. I see something special in his facial expressions. He shows that He loves something, someone. It must be real, why would he fake something on the back row of the choir. That’s why I am here. I want what “Jim” has.


The story is true and told to me by George Baldwin from his personal experience. Here are some thoughts to take away from the story:

  1. Worship choirs can have a positive impact on churches and their worship services
  2. Choir members…people are watching you, not just on Sunday mornings but throughout the week.
  3. Choir members…commit and be faithful you are important.
  4. And as George Baldwin states: choir members remember you are ordinary people doing an extraordinary thing each week as you worship in the choir.

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