Sunday Setlists, April 11, 2010: A visit to Saddleback Community Church

I can’t decide if the Sunday after an anniversary celebration is the beginning of the next journey or the second Sunday of the new journey. Whatever the case I was able to visit Saddleback Community Church in Lake Forrest, California this past Sunday which was the Sunday after their 30 year celebration. I have visited a number churches and I think Saddleback does some things far superior to any place I have attended:

  • They know how to manage parking
  • They make sure everyone is greeted at least three times before they ever reach the worship center.
  • Even after tremendous growth, there is still this atmosphere of openness and being laid back.
  • They are willing to involve as many people in worship as possible
  • They are willing to move past their perceived style of worship to make a point or to engage the congregation

I love visiting Saddleback; each time I do I learn something. Here is their set list for Sunday April 11, 2010.

Opening Song: I’m Set Free (Rick Muchow)

Recap of Easter Sunday Video -lesson learned: it is okay to celebrate things in the worship service…especially big things, like Easter services at Los Angeles Angels stadium.

SongYou Are Good (Israel Houghton) One cool thing about Saddleback, they are not afraid to spotlight good musicians. During this song the alto sax player took a 16 bar solo. He did so by moving from his seat in the orchestra to center stage….only at Saddleback.

Sermon Intro:  Here Rick Warren did a 10 minute intro to the sermon

Choir Song:  Are You Ready For A Miracle? (I can’t find this song.) If I had closed my eyes I would have thought I was at Brooklyn Tabernacle not Saddleback.

Sermon:  When You Are Running Out of Everything, the second sermon in a series titled Hoping for A Miracle.

Song: I Have A Hope (Tommy Walker) I loved the way they started this song…slow and let the solo make the point of the song across before they jumped into tempo.

Dismiss:  Very casual with some instructions about how to follow up in a small group or by baptism. The coolest part was that as we left the building, Rick Warren was at our exit giving as many as he could a hug or handshake.

Worship Choir: the guy on the back row.

Unbelievalbe Sacrifice, Help me to never forget.