It is Time to Change the Trend

“The furniture industry has responded to Americans being much larger than they used to be. Ekrones, a company based in Norway, makes a chair in small, medium and large.” “Children need to be taught healthy eating habits.” “Recently I researched how many articles were published in one weeks’ time about the obesity crisis with our youth. I was surprised to see over 35 written pieces in one week.”

These statements were found in the Tennessean  Saturday, March 13, and articles on the topic of obesity are the norm. The consistency of the topic reveals that we have a problem, yet as article after article appear in local papers, the culture of overeating continues.

Obviously we need to do something. Do we really want to be the nation for which furniture manufacturers are forced to alter their designs for? Do we really want to be a nation where childhood obesity evolves into chronic adult disease?

What can we do?

Make personal choices everyday to live a healthier lifestyle. I have heard from many who laugh off the idea as too big a task, and obviously it is huge task if we assume drastic changes must be made from the outset. I have found the best way to tackle a change to a healthier lifestyle is one small step at a time. Each time you sit down for a meal or order from a menu make one ‘healthier’ decision. Every time your body is thirsty, make an intentional healthy decision; every day find a way to be more active. The old saying “eat less, move more” is correct.

Set positive examples for our children. What I have written above is the example we need to set for our children…they really are watching us. If we make bad choices they assume them to be okay. If a sedentary lifestyle is what we model, it is what our children will repeat.

We in affluent America have made it too easy to make poor decisions about food and exercise. This is something I am concerned about for my children and for my future grandchildren.

Does it concern you?

What are you doing to break the culture in your family, in your community?

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