A New Look for Michael's Notes

Michael’s Notes has a new look thanks to @richardfoshee.

It also has a new blog address www.michaelhsmith.com. If you found the new page by using www.michaelsnotes.com know this address will still work; however I would appreciate it if you would change your entrance to the site to www.michaelhsmith.com.

The old blog was hosted by typepad.com at this address www.michaelhsmith.typepad.com. In the next few days this former address will be closed.

I often get asked why do I blog, here are some of my reasons:

  • It is a creative outlet.
  • It challenges me to look for topics to write about.
  • It encourages me to read on a variety of topics.
  • It helps me organize my thoughts.
  • It hopefully helps the people I lead know me better.
  • I am enjoying the challenge.

Do you write a blog?

What are the reasons you write?

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