It's Friday but Sunday is Coming

Easter_2010Next week is a “biggy” for those of us who believe in the resurrected life of Jesus Christ. It is one of the two weeks a year when more people attend church services than any other. I really don’t understand the draw for those ‘2 timers.’ If they don’t believe the other 50 weeks a year, what makes Christmas and Easter so appealing? As a result of the ‘extras’ that will come to service on Easter, there is often a push to make that Sunday morning something special; something beyond the norm in an attempt to wow these ‘extras’ to come back the next week.  In doing so are we setting up the possibility for a disappointed few who do return?

The last few years our philosophy has changed as we plan Easter Sunday services. We are now working under the belief that Easter should be more representative of a regular Sunday. So we are not going out of our way to add ‘special items’ to our service.

We have decided to fill Easter Sunday with the same items as any other week…sure there will be more excitement in the room…because we believers know the significance of the day. We are intentional each week about what is included in our services and we are focused on making sure the whole story of God and His Son are communicated.

It is a big day for us, we want the ‘extras’ to come back so we are going to plan services and worship with our whole being just as we would any other Sunday…because Easter is significant to us every day of the year, not just one Sunday.

Okay worship leaders, pastors…do you agree or disagree? Love for you to post your comments.

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